Relationship Counseling

Many people come to therapy after a crisis like divorce, serious illness or loss of a significant friend or family member; some come for help in dealing with a strained or problematic relationships. Others come to learn how to cope and manage when someone they love is dealing with drug/ alcohol problems, eating disorders or any other addictive or compulsive behavior. Any significant change in a family system, or relationship creates new feelings, expectations and obstacles often resulting in more anger, blame, misunderstandings, and frustration. I work hard to teach effective communication and relational skills which help to foster more understanding and respect and less blame and hurt.

There is a psychological principle which states that people are usually doing the best they can. I tend to agree with that principle for this simple reason – If you could do better, why wouldn’t you be? That in no way means that I also don’t believe that people need to look honestly at themselves and how they are effecting others. If you want to see improvements in the way you relate to those around you, you must be willing to see your role in the dynamic and be open to making some changes. If you are willing, I can help you do that.

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