Clinical Focus

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are a group of progressive illnesses that require psychological, nutritional and often medical interventions to achieve a full recovery. Although the insidious nature and pervasiveness of eating disorders make them hard to treat, I strongly believe that full recovery is possible and is my goal for every client I treat. If you come to me for help with an eating disorder, the first session is usually spent getting to know you, assessing the severity of your symptoms and figuring out your immediate needs. Depending on that assessment, you might be referred to a dietician, a doctor or a psychiatrist who specialize in eating disorders to help in your treatment. This treatment team approach is very effective and also offers the extra support often needed to fight this difficult illness. Unless there an immediate health risk, the choice is always yours if and when you add anyone to your treatment team.

My work with you will focus on gaining insight into the underlying emotional and psychological issues fueling the eating disorder, working to change destructive behaviors and negative and/or critical thinking patterns, learning to manage difficult emotions, helping you build and sustain more meaningful relationships and improving the quality of your life.

Through both my professional experience and my own battle with an eating disorder, I understand that ambivalence is part of the recovery process, but it does not mean that you don’t want to, or can’t recover. Underneath your eating disorder self is a healthy self that needs some help being rediscovered and will help you fight for your recovery. Together we will work to strengthen that part of you and to find the peace and freedom the eating disorder has taken. Sometimes being willing to try is enough to get on the right track or back on track, so even if you are not sure if you are ready, I hope that you will be willing to keep trying.