If you are considering making significant changes in your life, finding the right therapist for you can be an important turning point.

As a client-focused therapist, I will work collaboratively with you to first clarify and then work toward your goals. Throughout this process, I will help you gain the necessary awareness and insight into the self-defeating behavior patterns that can negatively impact the important relationships in your life. Often, there are deep-seated negative perceptions that may be interfering with your ability to find and maintain meaningful relationships.

Even though you can’t change the past, you can alter the future by increasing your awareness of automatic thoughts, issues of self-worth and their roots. The purpose of therapy is not to blame others but rather to understand yourself and learn to make better choices.

As a therapist, I work hard to treat each of my clients with authenticity, respect, and compassion. If you are having a significant relationship issue, feeling dissatisfied in many areas of your life, or facing a specific illness or disorder, therapy offers the support and skills needed to make the changes you desire.

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Gwen Schubert Grabb, MFT

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